Over Run By Stuffed Animals? - Put Them in The ZOO!

Makes Clearing Up FUN too!
  • 60″ Tall, 22.5″wide,11″deep (152x57x30 cms)
  • Toys Pop IN and OUT making picking up fun and maybe end that bedtime battle?
  • Lifetime Guarantee.
  • Holds A Bunch! 90+ average Sized Stuffed Animals.
  • Safe, for your kids with no exposed bungee cords and complies with Californian Regulations.
  • ATTACHES TO WALL with hardware provided to prevent tipping.
  • Takes under 2 sq/ft floor space.
  • Easy to assemble. Instructions supported by online video.
  • Header Board can be personalized and/or given that extra touch with The ZOO® Branded Logo.
  • Light Colored wood is multiply and comes sanded and ready to finish if you wish.
  • The ZOO® is the original Stuffed Animal Storage ZOO and is trademarked to the Hulton House Corporation and home to thousands of stuffed animals around the world!
Oh! I nearly forgot our best testimonial:  “I like The ZOO because the animals can see out!”




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The Zoo is by far the best purchase we have ever made for organizing our daughter’s room. I wish we would have known and bought this years ago. So happy with it!! Thanks!

The Zoo is by far the best purchase we have ever made for organizing our daughter’s room. I wish we would have known and bought this years ago. So happy with it!! Thanks!
The Zoo has saved my daughter and me from countless arguments about her formerly messy room. Now, she can tidy her room literally in seconds!
Received and put together The Zoo yesterday. What a fantastic product. Thank you!
Thank You very much for making such a great product. Our daughter had 5 years worth of stuffed animals and they all fit perfectly!!!!!
My daughter was so excited she could hardly wait. If fact, she wanted to assemble it herself, a 10-year old, and she did it!
I was a little nervous when I got everything out of the box… I am not technically inclined in the least! But it was SO easy and the instructions were great! After it was together I was thrilled and pretty sure I would be ordering another immediately because of the massive volume of stuffed animals my daughter has… They ALL fit?! How could it be? It is perfect! Thank you for thinking of such a great idea! We love our zoo! I am sharing this with everyone I know with kids!
We love the zoo, it was the perfect answer for our animal problem. My extended family thinks it is wonderful as well, we have never seen anything like it. I have given your website address to several people after they commented on the ZOO. Thank you!
Our daughter loves stuffed animals, and I hated constantly tripping over them until we found the ZOO. She loves it and so do I. She wants everyone to see her Zoo and all of her animals. It helps keep her room a lot more organized and she can see all of her animals and get to the one she wants. Thanks!

Imagine: No More Piles Of Stuffed Animals!

When our kids were younger, Our stuffed animal storage nightmare was draining our energy! One day, my wife asked me if I could make a cage with bungee cords as used in stores for displaying balls.  The ZOO® evolved from this idea around 2003, and once I’d overcome safety and other issues, we started to sell it.
“I Like The ZOO Because All The Animals Can See Out!”
All our kids’ stuffed animals had names, so it was impossible to to get rid of them. We tried things like nets, but the toys were out of reach and gathered dust. Because it’s as much fun putting the animals into the storage zoo, as it is to take them out, picking up at bedtime was no longer an issue.


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See The Stuffed Animal Storage ZOO in Action

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