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We love the zoo, it was the perfect answer for our animal problem. My extended family thinks it is wonderful as well, we have never seen anything like it. I have given your website address to several people after they commented on the ZOO. Thank you

We just got our Zoo over the weekend and here it is all done! We love it…what a cute and clever way to help with all of the toy clutter! Now it is easy for her to look and grab a nighttime friend quickly before bed! Thank you!

Hello! I purchased THE ZOO for my daughter back in April 2007. She has since added numerous animals. The Zoo is a lifesaver for me. I do not know where I would be without it – I suspect in the looney bin being chased by stuffed animals in my head.

Before THE ZOO my girls had six large totes of stuffed animals. They took up most of the bedroom. We got THE ZOO very quickly and it was easy to put together. Now ALL of the stuffed animals are in one small area!! Now my girls have space in their room to play. Thanks

Hi There! We love our Zoo…its a great way to give all our stuffies a good home where we can always get to them without Moms help!

My daughters LOVE putting their animals away, and we LOVE the clear hallway we can walk through now! Our daughters are 4 and 2 and they have a blast playing “zookeeper” with their new ZOO. Thanks so much for the great idea! Cheers!

We love our Zoo! The design is so perfect for storing stuffed animals. My daughter likes that all the animals can see out, and it is very easy to grab any of them, even from the bottom.

I was impressed by the quality of workmanship. When I opened the box, the smell of fresh wood came out, and all holes were lined up perfectly. It is obvious that the craftsman takes pride in his work. Everyone who sees our ZOO says they are going to order one. Keep up the good work.

Hi, I just wanted to let you know that we absolutely love your product, and it has completely fixed my sons cluttered room.

We live in Corpus Christi, TX, and are delighted to have found your product on the internet. Our much-loved stuffed animals are now under control, and I do not have to worry about what to do with the next one, and the next one! Thanks for a great product – so easy to assemble, and excellent quality, too!

My daughter had a 50 gallon plastic container over flowing with stuffed animals of all sizes (including about 20 build-a-bears) and The ZOO holds every single one of them. I am very pleased with The ZOO and love that is saves so much needed space in my daughters room!! Thank you for such a great product!

The zoo is a fantastic way to keep stuffed animals accessible AND out of the way!

Thank you for such an awesome product!

Our daughter got the ZOO for her 6th birthday. We ALL love her ZOO and will probably be getting another one soon for her little sister!! Thanks so much for making a very functional and fun way to keep stuffed animals!!

This might be the most amazing product I have purchased in years. As soon as our tax refund arrives, I will be purchasing two more… we have a world of stuffed animals. Thanks!

This is the most ingenious idea for storing all of her stuffed animals. For years our daughters bedroom has been covered in these stuffed animals. The floor, the bed, the bureaus… Nets do not come close to holding even half of what she owns. Thank you so much for your very clever invention. I am so glad to have found it online. It is so worth the price.

The ZOO holds them all, and takes up very little room on the floor since it is a vertical holder. Such an unbelievable idea. Thank you. Thank you. We are thrilled with our purchase and even more happy that our daughters room can now REALLY be picked up and neat!!

The Zoo is the best stuffed animal storage unit I have EVER encountered. We got it and were able to unpack the boxes and boxes of stuffed animals that were in storage! Thank you!

The Zoo has saved my daughter and me from countless arguments about her formerly messy room. Now, she can tidy her room literally in seconds!

Received and put together The Zoo yesterday. What a fantastic product. Thank you!

Thank You very much for making such a great product. Our daughter had 5 years worth of stuffed animals and they all fit perfectly!!!!!

My daughter was so excited she could hardly wait. If fact, she wanted to assemble it herself, a 10-year old, and she did it!

The Zoo is by far the best purchase we have ever made for organizing our daughter’s room. I wish we would have known and bought this years ago. So happy with it!! Thanks!

I was a little nervous when I got everything out of the box… I am not technically inclined in the least! But it was SO easy and the instructions were great! After it was together I was thrilled and pretty sure I would be ordering another immediately because of the massive volume of stuffed animals my daughter has… They ALL fit?! How could it be? It is perfect! Thank you for thinking of such a great idea! We love our zoo! I am sharing this with everyone I know with kids!

We love the zoo, it was the perfect answer for our animal problem. My extended family thinks it is wonderful as well, we have never seen anything like it. I have given your website address to several people after they commented on the ZOO. Thank you!

Our daughter loves stuffed animals, and I hated constantly tripping over them until we found the ZOO. She loves it and so do I. She wants everyone to see her Zoo and all of her animals. It helps keep her room a lot more organized and she can see all of her animals and get to the one she wants. Thanks!

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