THE ZOO® Photo Rebate Offer!

Email us a picture of your child with THE ZOO and receive a $12 rebate. You can also elect to ask us to donate $12 on your behalf to our Public Charity Littlezookeepers Go Wild!

How To Submit Your Photo and Privacy Protection:

Your privacy will be respected to the highest degree possible and to that end we will only post your child’s first name and the state in which you live along with any testimonial comment from you about your new ZOO. Please be aware that pictures in our gallery may be picked up by search engines and may appear as image searches elsewhere on the internet. We may also post your image on our facebook, Pinterest or other social media pages.

We always appreciate your posting images and comments on and on other social media sites that you participate in. We only want you to be happy with your purchase and always appreciate receiving feedback and the opportunity to take care of any problems you might encounter.

If you would like to have others enjoy your kid’s photo online, you can email a photo of your kids with their new ZOO to us.

Or mail a printed copy of the photo to:

Little Zookeepers
214 Gladwin
Clawson, MI 48017

Receiving Your Rebate:

Please include your child’s first name along with your email. If sent within 60 days, we will credit your original method of payment. After 60 days, rebates will be sent in the mail.

Donating Your Rebate (tax deductible)

LittleZooKeepers Go Wild!Littlezookeepers Go Wild! is a U.S. public charity that is currently supporting a baby elephant orphanage in Zambia. $12 goes a long way in Zambia and is a significant contribution. Just ask us to make the donation on your behalf when you submit the email photo and we will email you a receipt for tax purposes.

Donate The ZOO Rebate to Support Baby Elephant Orphanage

Littlezookeepers Go Wild! is our own Public Charity that works to raise funds to support the baby elephant orphanage in Zambia. The orphans are a result of devestating poaching for ivory and we invite Littlezookeepers to support the orphanage that returns elephants to the wild and educates local children in preserving their own heritage. Read more…

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