Make Money Selling THE ZOO® and our other products through social media or your website with our affiliate program

At Little Zookeepers, we are pleased to offer you an affiliate sales program paying $10.50 per ZOO (6.69%) plus the same commission on sales of our other products. The program is designed for people who would like to reduce the cost of their purchase by sharing it with friends who then buy, and through posting in social media. It is also for those who would like to receive long term recurring income through promoting THE ZOO® across the web or through their own website of blog.

Promoting Opportunities

The ZOO was tricky to promote on a long term basis in social media because it does not change from day to day.  However, that’s all changes by the addition of the Little Ndaba Knitted Toys from Africa and our charity Littlezookeepers Go Wild.  This creates and opportunity to talk about the many aspects of these two programs in different contexts and at the same time link back to Littlezookeepers.  There they might discover The ZOO too.  You are also doing a huge amount of good by helping the ladies in Zambia who make these cute toys and by connecting to them.  Here are links to informational resources where you can find tons of material to write about.

Little Ndaba Toys in Zambia,

The Elephant Orphanage Project  -sign up for their newsletter.  This is supported by our charity Littlezokeepers Go Wild.

The Program pays a commission of 6.69%—currently $10.50 for each ZOO you sell plus the same percentage on the Little Ndaba Toys, on the 15th of each month. Most Affiliate Programs only pay when commissions reach a certain threshold such as $50.00.  Our program however pays all commission earned during the previous month, however small.

THE ZOO® is Your Stuffed Animal Storage Solution!