Video – On Assembling The ZOO®

The ZOO® is easy to assemble and this video is designed to show you how to do this efficiently and is a supplement to the instructions.  From time to time, there may be modification not reflected in this video but will be detailed in the instructions.



There are small parts used in putting The ZOO® together.  Please be sure to supervise small children and keep these parts away from them during the process as they can be a choking hazard.
Be sure to also dispose of the plastic bag containing The ZOO® properly to avoid potential suffocation.
John Chisholm

John Chisholm


I invented The ZOO® around 2003 starting out in my workshop at home.  In 2017 we started having them produced in China as, quite frankly, the work became too much to handle. My daughter Trish, and I visited the factory to make sure our suppliers were satisfactory. We found a modern factory using sophisticated German machinery manufacturing for export clients in Europe and North America. Much of their material is imported from the USA, Canada and New Zealand.  The service we  receive has been second to none!

Thank you again for your purchase and trust that you will enjoy The ZOO®   John Chisholm

Lifetime Warranty.

Plywood, used to make The ZOO®, was also used to make the famous De Havilland Mosquito fighter bomber flown by the Royal Air Force in WW 2. Over 7,000 were built and it became one of the most successful planes of the war, being able to climb higher and fly faster than even the famed Spitfire.

If attached to the wall as per the instructions, The ZOO® should survive the toughest kid. If anything breaks over time or is is not up to standard when you open the box, please be sure to contact us for a free replacement.

Assembly Alert April 2021.

Some customers are finding that the screws connecing the side pieces are rather tight to screw in.  We hope you don’t experience this issue, but if you do, the hole can be enlarged with a 3/16 ” drill bit.

The ZOO has a lifetime warranty on parts, so don’t worry if you make a mistake doing this or split the wood, as we will still replace the parts no questions asked.

We apologies for any inconvenience if you experience this issue.

John Chisholm