We regret the inconvenience, but our manufacturer in Australia had to discontinue business due to family circumstances.

We have been able to ship to Australia from the UK in the past at a reasonable cost. Unfortunately recent changes to customs laws in Australia has meant any items containing wood or wood products undergo extreme scrutiny from import and AQUIS personel.

This has caused huge delays to all such shipments that have been exported (sometimes held in customs well in excess of a calendar month), even once cleard, the parcel tends to have attracted huge storage and treatment fees which are generally passed on to the consignee and must be paid before delivery is completed.

We regret this situation and we are endeavouring to find out if there is some documentary way around this. However, it will take time! If anything breaks, we will update the website accordingly.

Thank you for you interest in THE ZOO®.
—John Chisholm

THE ZOO® is Your Stuffed Animal Storage Solution!