Can you make a smaller or larger ZOO®?

We do not offer customization for The ZOO as it’s now manufactured exclusively for us in quantity using CNC machines and this is no longer possible.

Can I get a set of bars for the back of The ZOO®?

Sometimes customers support The ZOO® from tipping by other means than attaching to the wall. In this scenario, you can purchase extra bars. Contact us to request a current price.  Please note that it will also be necessary for you drill pilot holes for the screw eyes you will need to attach to the back panels. Just copy the position from the front panels.

 Do You Offer Coupons?

We work on selling The ZOO® to customers at the same price because it’s there to solve a problem.  We don’t want people to buy The ZOO® as an impulse.  We do however offer a $12 rebate if you send us a picture your child with The ZOO® for us to show other customers in our gallery or on our Facebook Page.  We also appreciate customers who request that we donate the $12 to  GoLittlezookeepers Wild that supports the Elephant Orphanage Project in Zambia

Can you paint The ZOO® pink  ( or any other color)?

The ZOO® is shipped as finely sanded wood without a finish. Most customers leave it as it is as the birch color is almost the color of the background to this page. Others use it as a decorating project for the kids or paint or stain it to match their room design. The wood should be primed before painting. We suggest that you do not paint the bars as the paint will rub off with use. Take a look at our gallery and see what others have done (Note: the color of the wood does vary and has natural grain variations).

Is The ZOO® easy to Assemble?

Customers often tell us that The ZOO® is very easy to assemble by following the illustrated instructions. You will require an electric drill for attaching The ZOO® to the wall using the hardware supplied by us. This is no more challenging than attaching a picture and The ZOO® itself is assembled using a Phillips Screw Driver.

 Do You Sell The ZOO® Wholesale?

The cost of shipping The ZOO® generally makes this financially unattractive to retailers. However, by using our Affiliate Program The ZOO® can make an attractive self financing store fixture. Please see the paragraph on Wholesale at the bottom of our Affiliate Program Information.  If you are a regular user of social media you might also find this a useful source of revenue.

How Many Stuffed Animals Will The ZOO® Hold?

Generally speaking it holds 90 or more stuffed animals in under two square feet of floor space. From photos we receive, it seem as though many customers have managed to make it home for many more!

Do you have a Return Policy?

The ZOO.

You may return The ZOO for a full refund if it does not meet your needs.  We do not pay return postage and suggest you use the Postal Service as  FedEx and UPS will charge extra for a box over 48″ long.  Be sure to keep the box if you think you may wish to return it as it’s  custom made and an alternative is not easy to find.  The ZOO has a lifetime warranty on parts.

Knitted Animals.

You can return Knitted Animals in the first 30 days provided they are in new condition and have not been used.  We do not pay return postage.

Have you any other questions?

We are only an email or telephone call away! Contact us.

THE ZOO® is Your Stuffed Animal Storage Solution!