Little Ndaba Organic Knitted  Toys.



The Ladies Story.


You’ve seen pictures of village life in Africa on TV with ladies cooking on charcoal, no running water or electricity, and so on.  Add to that the social problems of poverty, it becomes an almost impossible place to escape from.  Then there is the work of scraping a living from the land to feed your family.

Little Ndaba Organic Knitted Toys in Lusaka, Zambia, help these ladies by teaching them to knit and crochet these beautiful pieces.  They knit toy sections in their huts and then come together in groups to sew the parts together as a community where they chat and support each other. The word Ndaba, means coming together in Nyanja, one of the 46 languages spoken in Zambia.  They often use recycled bicycle spokes to work with and the gentle colors of the organic cotton produce individual works of art.  That’s why your toy will be unique.

Little Ndaba toys are tested in a US accredited laboratory to conform to the required safety standards of design and toxicity required for sale in the USA.  We really enjoy making these knitted and crochet toys available to you as they represent so much and allow you to bring some relief to the hardship experienced by our ladies in Zambia.

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